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Paint Protection Services

Paint Protection Services
in Northglenn, CO 

Protect your vehicles paint from scratches

Splash Window Tint provides high quality paint protection services for any type of vehicle. Paint Protection Film also called Clear Bra is a film that is applied to protect your vehicle and keep it looking brand new. Because of Paint Protection Film’s high impact resistance, its application will protect your paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. Generally, the protection film is applied on the hood and front facia of the vehicle where it is most like to receive scratches and dings. During our inspection, we also will recommend other parts of the vehicle that may be susceptible to paint chips & scratches that you'll want to protect. Splash Window Tint is an authorized reseller of 3M products, which means you'll be getting the industries best Paint Protection Film. Call to discuss your project with Splash Window Tinting & Auto Detail today.

Paint Protection Film is made of a urethane that is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants, meaning that it creates a line of defense from chemicals staining and etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, mineral deposits, and acid rain. It does not oxidize with exposure to the sun and will guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays. The top layer of a quality film is made up of elastomeric polymers that return to their natural shape after being stretched or disfigured, giving the film a “self-healing” property which we use the 3M Pro Series self healing product. That means when light scratches are inflicted in the film, it absorbs the damage and returns to the texture and properties it had before the incident.

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Splash Window Tint is a strong community leader and supporter of local police & fire departments in the Northglenn/Thornton/Westminster area. We are happy to serve them and provide Paint Protection Film to their emergency vehicles & personal vehicles.

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We Guarantee Your Paint Protection with a 10 Year Warranty

When you get paint protection service by Splash Window Tinting in Northglenn, you’re walking away with durable protection guaranteed by a 10 year warranty. Our clear paint protection is placed on your vehicle and self-heals. Once it takes, your car will be resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining. If it’s not? We’ll do it all over again!

Schedule an appointment for your paint protection service with Splash Window Tinting today.

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